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We carefully determined hair strength , damage , porosity and elasticity to choose the best color for you. 

Also, all chemical customer receive pre-conditioning and after deep treatment during color services.

Why should you choose Mario's Hair designers??

We don't just grab the color and paint on your hair.


Single process/ Regrow

(1 inch ~1 .5 inch off the scalp)

$85 ~ 

Ammonia free color

Single process/Regrow (1 inch to 1.5 inch from scalp)





By Mario


   Partial  $ 125~

Full       $ 175~    

By  Rie

Partial  $ 95~

Full       $ 130~




Color correction  Price by consult with stylist

            Factors that effect chemical cost:

   * Amount of hair
   * Length of hair
   * Level of damage

Every one's hair has different situation, so it is very difficult to determined and give right price by phone. We strongly recommend to make an consultation appointment. This allow us to present any possible cost up to front.


      $ 150~


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