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We carefully determine your hair strength, damage, porosity, and elasticity to choose the best color for you. 

Also, all hair-color customers receive pre-conditioning and deep treatment during color services.

Why choose Mario's Hair Designers?

We don't just grab the color and paint it on your hair.


Single process / Regrow

(1 inch ~ 1 .5 inch off the scalp)


Ammonia-free color

Single process / Regrow (1 inch to 1.5 inches from scalp)



   By Mario
   Partial  $ 125

Full       $ 175 

By  Rie

Partial  $ 95
Full       $ 130




Color correction  Price by consult with stylist

Factors that affect chemical cost:

   * Amount of hair
   * Length of hair
   * Level of damage

Everyone's hair is different, so it is very difficult to provide a price over the phone. So we strongly recommend making a consultation appointment. This will allow us to present the cost up front.


      $ 150


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